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Types of Home Loans available in the market

Types of Home Loans available in the market

Trying hard to make ends meet while saving money for your dream house? Running out of all possible options to save some extra cash at the end of the month to fill in the piggy bank and store a little more for the house that you always dreamt of owning?

But you are still stuck with that traditional method of saving up money and then fulfilling your dreams. It’s now the time to opt for the best thing that will help you in purchasing your dream home and that is nothing other than a home loan. You might get anticipated at the thought of taking a loan, thinking about the hassles and innumerable procedures that you will have to go through to get a loan sanctioned. But you should not get bothered with all these, because in today’s time you have a number of housing loan options to choose from, and that too something that would suit just all your requirements while being flexible in the best possible way for you.

This blog is just the right thing for you to read now, as we bring to you the list of all the home loans that are available from Hero Housing Finance, the benefits of which you can avail as well.

New home loan

If building you dream house is on top of your agenda right now, then this kind of loan is what shall be the most useful for you. The categories of property that fall into this are:-

  1. Flats, apartments, independent house or bungalows from private developers or individual sellers
  2. Properties from development authorities

Loans for Construction/ extension/improvement

Not just buying a new piece of property, people require money for construction or extension of a piece of property and also sometimes for the improvement of the existing building. Wondering if a loan is possible in this case? Of course, yes. This is one most important thing that Hero Housing finance offers.

Balance transfer/ top-up

This kind of loan caters to the transfer of an existing home loan that is fully or partially disbursed from the original financer. A top-up balance over the outstanding one while being transferred may also be added long with this, when applied for.

Mentioned below are the basic criteria and features to note down while  applying for the loans:

  • Maximum loan tenure-20 years
  • Age limit of the applicant-60 years (min. 21 years of age)
  • Minimum property area covered- 325 sq.ft
  • Below 30 lacs- 90% of property value is provided
  • For 30-75 lacs- 80% of the property value is provided
  • 75 lacs and above- 75% of property value is provided

This sounds like quite a relief for the applicant keeping in mind that a large portion of the money is being provided by the financer which eases out the burden from your shoulders.

If you are thinking of applying for any of these loans then a little bit of homework would be necessary in preparing the documents that would be required at the time of application for the loan. The following things would be required-

  1. Last 3 months’ salary slips,
  2. Last 2 years’ Form 16,
  3. Bank statements for last 6 months that reflect the salary credited, and
  4. The complete breakup of the salary mentioned in the appointment letter.

Once you get the documents ready, just connect with an expert at Hero Housing Finance and opt for the smoothest application procedure for the home loan.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you in clearing your mind of all the misconceptions of housing loans and also aided you in choosing the most proper option for yourself, so that you can start out with the realization of your dream and gift your family a cosy house that you have always dreamt of.

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