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Selling a property online ? Here are a few things to watch out for !

Selling a property online ? Here are a few things to watch out for !

It is quite challenging to sell property online. Here is a quick reckoner to help you out with the process !

  1. Property Documentation
  2. Make sure that you have mentioned all the relevant information about the property legality that one must know such as :

    • Title Documents – Gift Deed, Will, Succession Certificate, etc. that are stamped by the sub-registrar office.
    • Khata Certificate
    • Information of Litigations, if any
    • Nature of Title – Leasehold, Freehold or Development right
    • Development Agreement and Power of Attorney

  3. Ensure your Property is Appealing
  4. As pictures are the first reference for potential buyers, ensure that your property is clean and neat before taking pictures of your property. Make sure to take appealing pictures that show all the features of the house so that the buyer knows what they are looking for. A small video of the property might also be useful to have.

  5. Check for Price Trends
  6. Setting the right price bracket for your property is essential. Begin with researching the price trend of properties in the neighbourhood with similar amenities that you are offering. Be realistic about the price you are asking for to avoid disappointment.

  7. Provide a Detailed List of Amenities
  8. One of the key areas that people check for while browsing through properties is the amenities offered. In addition to stating them on the website, adding in a few pictures can be of help. Ensure to provide the required information to customers to give a clear picture.

In a Nutshell

Selling your property requires research and effort from your side to ensure that the process is seamless. By avoiding errors and providing the right information, you can speed up your selling process. Meanwhile, ensure that you have all the necessary documents required to sell property in place before embarking on the journey. Finally, if the transaction is going to take place through an online portal, make sure to use a verified website and payment gateway to complete the transaction.

We wish you all the very best !

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